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Glen Eyrie, the Castle no one seems to know about

As many times as I have been to Colorado Springs, Colorado, I had never heard of Glen Eyrie. No one I have talked to has heard of Glen Eyrie. I feel like I am telling you a secret. A very good secret.

In May 2016, my granddaughter, Shelby, and I decided we needed a break. Colorado Springs was a place I was familiar with, but she had never been. It was an eight hour drive that would give us time to talk. All girls can talk for eight hours straight, no problem. I wanted to stay someplace special, with a spectacular view of the beauty Colorado is known for. We needed peace and quiet too. I asked the Lord to find me such a place and He did. Glen Eyrie was more than I could have even thought to ask for.

We arrived just before dusk and were met at the entrance to the Glen by a friendly gate keeper. We were given a pass for our stay and a warm welcome.  Driving along the winding road to the carriage house, we could smell the heady scent of pine trees and see magnificent spires of rock formations. The beauty of the garden of the gods had spilled over into Glen Eyrie.

Checking in at the carriage house we had another warm welcome. The carriage house was a large building in a sort of U shape that houses a bookstore and cafe and has a large courtyard in front surrounded by a tall stone wall. We would soon find out the cafe has the most delicious deli style sandwiches and delicacies made by the Castle chefs. Not to mention their long list of coffees, lattes, teas and more.

We got in the car again and drove just past the Castle to the Big Horn Lodge. We were treated to wildlife scurrying about, including a lone ram up on the hill just a few feet away. Our lodge had a great view of the Castle and those big beautiful rocks were almost close enough to touch. 

In our days there, we took a Castle tour, enjoyed Castle tea and hiked one of their many trails. They also offer a rock tour. When we got back to the Glen each day from sightseeing (Pikes Peak, Royal Gorge, Garden of the gods), we would roam the grounds of Glen Eyrie and explore the Castle. On our last night, we moved from the lodge into the Castle, way up in the turret, what a view that was! And the room was huge, the whole top floor was ours- complete with our own fireplace.

Shelby and I did not want to leave. For six days we were treated with kindness by everyone we met at Glen Eyrie. Every morning we ate a hearty and delicious breakfast in the Castle, made by the Castle chefs. Every day we were surrounded by natural beauty and every night was the sound of water from the brook that runs by the Castle- perfect for sleeping.

All tucked away in a canyon, is a really good secret.

Visit Glen Eyrie

©Karen Kay

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  • Reply
    Coleen Franks
    March 4, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Oh, makes me want to go, Karen. Nice write-up. We’re supposed to do a missionary retreat (debrief) in C.S. sometime this year so maybe we’ll actually get to see it.

    • Reply
      Karen Kay
      March 4, 2017 at 6:30 pm

      Thank you, Coleen! It is a truly beautiful place. Did you know the Navigators own it? It is a Christian Conference Center, maybe you could do your missionary retreat there?

  • Reply
    Kay Cummings
    January 24, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Karen! This story is wonderful! I have never heard of this place you visited. Your description is …well…I can smell the pine! I can see what saw! It must have really been an exciting & hard-to-leave place!! Wow!!

    • Reply
      Karen Kay
      January 24, 2017 at 4:06 pm

      Thank you, Kay. I still didn’t do it justice, you just have to go there. It’s a beautiful place and the presence of God is there. I would love to be there during a thunderstorm, wow!

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